Collective Worship

Collective worship is a valued and important part of our school day.  This half term we are gradually joining together - 2 classes at a time.  We are looking forward to when the whole school can meet together.  Hopefully soon!

For the first few weeks Mr. Viles is reminding us of our school vision 'We are cherished, we are challenged, we are children of God'.  He is also exploring the Kirkstall St. Stephen's Values tree.

A group of children from year 6 have prepared a collective worship on raising awareness of COP26 climate summit.  They will be sharing this with different classes over the next few weeks, encouraging the children to take action if they are interested.

On Thursdays the children will be doing some Philisophy for Children in their respective classes.  This is an opportunity for them to explore big questions.  We are looking at topics such as 'What makes me, me?', 'Who owns the sky?', and 'What is fair?'

On Fridays children in key stage 2 have the opportunity to fill in diaries of reflection - the theme usually corresponds to what we have been looking at in collective worship that week. Also on Fridays the children are awarded with their merit and VIP awards (Values in practice).


Below are some of the members of our Open the Book team - we are looking forward to a time when we can welcome them back in.

Also there are photos of examples of the lovely reflections by year 6 during their 'space for reflection' on the last Monday of term.  The pupils had the opportunity to reflect on their time in school and also to look forward to next year.

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