Meeting Dates & Attendance

Meeting Dates

The Full Governing Body normally meets three times a year, once a term.

The Governors are split into three subcommittees that meet three times a year and report back in the Full Govening Body meeting.
These subcommittee meetings are usually held a couple of weeks before the Full Governing Body Meeting. 

Autumn 2020

Sub committee meetings                           13th October 2020, 4:30pm & 6:00pm

Full Governing Body meeting                    10th November 2020, 4:30pm

Spring 2021

Sub committee meetings                           Teaching, Learning & Pupil Support: Tuesday 2nd March 2021, 6-7:30pm
                                                                    Resources Commitee: Wednesday 3rd March 2021, 6-7:30pm

Full Governing Body meeting                    Tuesday 9th March 2021, 4.30-6.30pm

Summer 2021

Sub committee meetings                           Teaching, Learning & Pupil Support: Tuesday 11th May 6-7:30pm
                                                                    Rescources Commitee: Wednesday 12th May 6-7:30pm

Full Governing Body Meeting                    Tuesday 8th June 2021, 4:30-6:30pm 



Kirkstall St Stephen’s C of E (VA) Primary School Governing Body


Attendance List: 2019/2020


Y - in attendance


N - not in attendance and no apologies received/accepted


A - apologies received and accepted


X - not in post/not a member

Name Full Governing Body Meeting
Autumn 19 Spring   20 Summer 20 Autumn 20 Spring 21
Summer 21

S Viles Y Y Y Y Y  
P Baldacchino- Steward Y Y Y Y Y  
C Greaves Y Y Y Y Y  
F Venners Y A Y Y Y  
Z Barnett  MAT MAT A Y Y  
S O'Connor (mat  over) Y Y X X X  
S Hudson Y Y A A Y  
R Warrington Y Y Y Y Y  
S Kaye Y A A A Y  
A Rhodes Y Y Y Y Y  
B Davidson Y Y A Y Y  
R Parr Y A Y Y Y  
S Black Y Y Y Y Y  
Kirkstall St Stephen's C of E (VA) Primary School

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