Kirkstall St. Stephen’s C of E (Voluntary Aided) Primary School

Year 5


Which resources should I use?


Since the start of this journey many more resources have become available to schools and parents to support the ‘learning from home’ process, including the latest resources announced by the government on Sunday.

I have steered away from the term ‘home education’ as that is and should be a choice- this current situation is not a choice, just a necessary situation.

So what resources are the right ones?

Whichever resources interest and stimulate your child.

If you have already found a path that works with your child, well done, do not feel you have to change from it. It doesn’t matter what you are doing- if you are doing some work in any format then that’s brilliant. I know some people have bought school work books from publishers etc, all absolutely fine, if it’s working there’s no need to change it. The main thing is to keep exercising their brains in some way- ideally both in English and Mathematics.

However, if you still haven’t found a winning formula then maybe try some of the following:

Suggested Daily (if possible)

Maths: Use the ‘White Rose Maths Hub’. Save this address in the bookmarks for ease, daily lessons are usually loaded on the webpage one week in advance. This is the same scheme/overview we follow in school, their resources are very good and they have supported the BBC Bitesize resources.

There are some work sheets here, however you can view most of them on the screen and complete the work in your books if you do not have a printer.

Literacy: Both the BBC Bitesize Resources and the Oak National Academy resources would may be used for your child. I suggest you choose which one to try first by asking yourself the following question:

How has my child responded to the work I have asked them to do so far?

If your child has been reluctant, or struggling to work at home for whatever reason then I would suggest you go to the BBC Bitesize site for Year 5 English. There are a series of child friendly videos with attached tasks which would suit most pupils.


If your answer is more in line with- ‘my child has loved every bit of work and wants more!’

The Oak National Academy work may be more suitable. I feel it is slightly more challenging and due to the lay out and set up feels more formal and requires greater concentration.

Please note: I would avoid the quiz in task 1 and skip straight to task 2- (I found the quiz temperamental when I tried on Monday 20th April!).

Science & Foundation Subjects:

I would urge the children to research any topic that they are interested in. A couple of examples-

Do they love dance?- Can they research their favourite dancer? How are the dance shoes made? What materials are used? Could they design their own costume?

Do they have a favourite sports team? Can they research the history of the club? Write a fact file? Look at the statistics? Where in the world do the players come from? Design a new kit? Write a letter to the manager?

Iterested in a particular time in history? Or researching a country? Go for it!

However, if ideas are hard to come by, or you want a top up of a subject- e.g. Science, both the National Academy and the BBCbitesize sites have foundation lessons and videos on their websites too- see the links above for Year 5.

Artforms Music Support services have compiled a section of online resources for Music learning and enjoyment.
The strings section includes ideas for those learning violin and there are links to Music and singing websites.

NEW****  Video lesson Rhythm and beats;

BBC iplayer (including red button) - Primary Bitesize

On top of those options detailed above, there are also BBC programmes on I-player which are different to the bbc resources on the bitesize website. There are 20 minute programmes for 5-7, 7-9, 9-11 year olds of which the first episode spent about 5 minutes on a maths concept, 5 minutes on a story time, 5 minutes on history, with some quizzes thrown in.

These might appeal to you if you have limited internet devices, or a super reluctant learner.

Physical Education-

There are many options for exercising from home, with many people doing daily exercise with Joe Wicks or Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube.

However, any exercise that can be done at home- or safely in the neighbourhood is great. A walk, run, ride a bike, skipping. Aim to get some outdoor time each day.

Other regular activities:

Daily Reading and practise of key maths skills like basic addition and subtraction (most board games) the timestables (can use TTRS) are invaluable.

There is a Logon sheet for TTRS with passwords if your child has forgotten, on the year 5 page- scroll down to the very bottom. Parents only to access this document.

If your child is struggling to access the Year 5 curriculum from home, please do not worry, learning in this new way is difficult for the children. Feel free to drop down a year group and choose resources from the year group below- the links above take you straight to year 5, but you can jump back a level to change the year group selected. 

Parents who are working from home whilst trying to home educate:

I would just like to acknowledge parents who are trying their best to get their child to learn from home whilst also working from home during these testing times. I know personally what a challenge this is. Please know that whatever you have managed to do, it will all be fine. The most important thing is that your child returns to school happy and healthy, all the work they do in the meantime is a bonus.

Lastly, take care and I hope to see you all soon.

Miss Barnett


MATHS Lessons w.b. 22nd June

Below are all the White Rose maths lessons for the week commencing 22nd June along with a document containing the video links for each lesson.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday! Stay Safe 
Fairtrade football challenge!

If you like football how about learning about fairtrade footballs? Watch this film clip and then have a go at some of the home learning activities.

************************************** Update************************************* 26/5/2020

MATHS Lessons:

As we communicated earlier in the term, we would like pupils to use White Rose Maths lessons. There is a video tutorial and work sheets. However the White Rose site changed the way it works and teachers now need to download the sheets. Unfortunately that means you need to come here for the sheets before going to the WRMH website for the videos. 

Please find attached the sheets below for last week (week 5) and next week (week 6), along with the answers. The videos are all on the website under the links.

 Thank you for your support

Miss Barnett

update 26/5/20 *******************************************************************************************************

I hope you all have a lovely holiday. 

I would like to set two topic challenges for this half term. You could do one of them or both of them. 

1) Local history or geography- what can you find out about the history of the area around where you live? Can you make a map? Can you find out about the history of Kirkstall Abbey? Could you do a sketch of the Abbey?

2) Can you research a form of entertainment and create a project about it? It could be the history of a music band; the history of a television series; how a video game was created or why? etc. You could involve your parents and choose a favourite band of theirs to find out about. What was music like when they were a child?

If you have any work to show me, you can send it to; don't worry if one of the other teachers picks it up before me, they will just forwrad it on. 

Take care, and stay safe

Miss Barnett

**** Thursday 7th May 2020 ******

Year 5 challenge!

Can you earn a Blue Peter badge? I’ve been looking at the range of Blue Peter badges on offer and I believe many of you could earn one of these! There are eight badges you can earn, starting with the blue badge. Getting a badge also means you receive a pass with free entry into 200 attractions, just imagine once lockdown is over and everything is back to normal you could go on some great days out together and save money!

If you’re interested check out the Blue Peter website here:

If you do apply, drop me an email at and let me know what you’ve done for it. Good luck!

Please note if you do apply- they are currently experiencing very high volumes of entries and they are often taking 10 weeks to respond to children.


Miss Barnett

Week 3 9th April 2020

See attached documents for either independent work (Year 4 revision) or Supported work (aimed at Year 5&6 level

Easter crafts
Please see the EASTER section of the school website for learning opportunities throughout the Easter Holidays.


We would love to see your Easter crafts though by emailing 
Week 2 3/04/20

The weekly document of additional support has been added for those of you wishing for extra structure and support. Please see the EASTER section of the website for learning ideas over the holiday- this is for the week commencing 20/4/20.

Week 1 Additional resources. 26/3/2020

Some parents have asked for more resources and more guidance- therefore the following documents support that additional learning at home. I plan to upload a new document each week- health permitted. Please note- I do not expect you to complete all tasks and all work on the website- we have provided extra resources to allow you to choose the work set. This is an extra tool, you may choose whether you use it or not. Short bursts of work, balance and smiles are the key.

 Week 1    26/3/20.  New English Task    Write a report about how life has changed because of the Corona Virus and the Social Distancing Measures that the government has put in place. You can choose whether to write this in third person or in first person. When you have completed this- start a daily diary detailing the activities you have done each day. If you have a notebook- it might be nice to keep it all together- as you will probably look back at it when you are much older!

White Rose Maths Hub Resources

These resources can be found on the link below or accessed here. Remember to view the video on the link first!


Example timetable of how to structure the day.
There are lots of examples onthe website- try to limit the focussed time to about 40-45 minutes. Children will need a break after this time, hence why most SATs tests in year 6 are 45 minutes.






Be Prepared

Spend 15 minutes ensuring you are ready to start work at 9:00. Get dressed, have a healthy snack and brush your teeth!


Academic Work- e.g. Maths

Follow work set by class teacher (see website)


Quiet Reading

Read a book of choice


Physical Activity or Spiritual Reflection

Exercise Inside or Outside- e.g. walk, run, skip, do a Yoga or Dance DVD, or explore the Optional Prayer Activities on the website.


Free time



Academic Work- e.g. Reading/Writing

Follow work set by class teacher (see website)


Creative Time

Drawing, colouring, lego construction, baking, cooking, paint a picture, salt dough, play dough


Lunch & Rest



House hold chore

Directed by the parent- could you help clean? Tidy? Dust or polish? Vacuum?


Life Skill

Supervised activity: Use this opportunity to learn a life skill, e.g. tie shoe laces, tell the time, read a timetable, cook, sew a button on, knit, calculate money/a bill, plait hair, learn where countries are on a map, learn a new language


Physical Activity

Exercise Inside or Outside- e.g. walk, run, skip, do a Yoga or Dance DVD


Puzzles and Games

Sudoku, word searches, cross words, dot to dots, board games, brain teasers



All resources are here to support you- you are not expected to work through everything, you can pick and choose. Little and often and balanced across different lessons is often best.

Daily- try to complete at least one of the following:

One Maths page from the activity booklet OR an arithmetic test, or ixl activity (website ) OR daily 10 activity (website )

One activity of the English writing booklet and a Reading comprehension activity (1 star easiet- 3 star hardes) or ixl activity or Reading Eggs- see separate letter given out in packs (website )

One Practical idea or creative homework task

Read a book daily- something exciting


Three times a week 

Year 3 and 4 spelling practise

times table games on internt or TTRS

Mindfulness colouring
Please refer to the advised school timetable on the previous page of the school website (School Closure Advice). This will help you to structure your day. 
It is important you work from home and you follow the directions of your parents. I will be checking with parents on your return to school how your behaviour has been and I expect the response to be positive. 

I wish you the best of luck, and believe it or not you will all be missed! 

Take care Year 5, I wish you good health. 

Miss Barnett
Please aim to read daily for at least 20 minutes. Here is a selection of free ebook library books, although I'm sure you hhave many lovely texts at home.
REVISION Year 3-4 spelling list
Year 5 & 6 spelling list

These spellings should all be learnt by the end of Year 6

Writing Stimulus

Say what you see- writing stimulus activity

Please do the Maths Daily Challenge from Top Marks- link below:

Select Level 4-5; then choose an area to work on (e.g. addition) ; select time to answer questions- e.g. 15 seconds (or select manual for no timer); then go for it! Working out can be written in the exercise book. 
Feel free to ammend levels accordingly to allow for success. 

Please also see the letter from the class pack about IXL. IXL provides instant feedback for all areas of the curriculum, it is excellent.

If we were in school we would be learning fractions-

Mixed numbers, adding and subtracting fractions (including fractions with different demoninators)- start by revising fractions in Year 4- then progressing up to Year 5


Also, use this time to explore what is in your home. What does each item of food weigh in your cupboard? How many ml are in your milk carton? How big is your table?
Can you draw a scaled drawing/version of your bedroom? 
Practice telling the time, reading time tables and working out time differences 

Maths Revision Booklet

Maths arithmetic

Some optional arithmetic tests Read the question on the screen of your computer- then show your working out in your books (write the full question too along with the mathematical symbol! Thank you

Maths TTRS

The children can also access TTRS from home. They have all been given their log on details in school
PARENTS ONLY to open this document

I am trusting parents to find and share only their child's log on. I did give these out shortly before the school closure, however I found some in the classroom so suspect not everybody has theirs

This school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of
all children, and expects our staff and volunteers to share this commitment.