Kirkstall St. Stephen’s C of E (Voluntary Aided) Primary School

Year 2

Maths for week beginning 6.7.20

Here are the worksheets for this week - some measuring of litres and temperature and also some time :)

Maths booklets that you might like to use over the summer

White Rose have produced a range of work booklets for parents and children to use over the summer or during next year. These booklets can be found on Amazon for the Kindle or downloaded below.
"Kind" said the boy - Print
Maths for week beginning 29.6.20

Here are the worksheets to go with week 10 from the White Rose website Looking at mass and comparing volume

Literacy- Summer 2

1) Spag Mats (Spelling, grammar and punctuation) - There are 3 levels, level 3 being the most challenging. Decide which level is best for you. 2) Reading and writing activities using an ebook on the Oxford Owls website. There are 3 different plans using books from different book band levels. 3) Reading comprehensions - each has different levels of difficulty, choose the right one for you. 4) Reading and linked writing tasks focusing on Inference Iggy

Maths for week beginning 22.6.20

Here are the worksheets to go with this week's topic - measurement. Have fun measuring things!

Alternative maths for week beginning 22.6.20

If you have done lots of measuring already you might want to try this maths instead - it's all about directions and describing turns

Maths for w/c 15.6.20

Here are the worksheets to go with this week's maths, all about shape. Hopefully this will be familiar to the children as we looked at this last term!

Summer 2 - Our topic for this half term - Rainforests!

We would like you to find out all about rainforests over the next few weeks. We'll be putting some ideas on here for you to explore over the next few weeks. 1) Have a look at this RE - it helps us appreciate the amazing world we live in and how we can help look after it. 2) Have a look at the animal fact file powerpoint. Can you choose a rainforest animal to find out about and make a fact file for it. You can use the fact file template or make your own. 3) Have a look at the deforestation powerpoint. At the end it asks you to make a promise by thinking about what you could do to help protect the rainforest. You could also make a poster telling others how they can help. One of the ways is by buying fairtrade - watch the video 'Guardians of the rainforest' and try some of the home learning challenges. 4) Rainforest animal sorting activity. This could also be written/drawn out in your exercise book or done on paper.

Here is a link to the fairtrade video
Guardian of the rainforest video
Science activities

We would have been learning about animals and their habitats. So here are some powerpoints that tell you all about habitats. There is also a booklet of follow up activities, some of them involve going out for a walk, some involve some research, others are games.

Join along with a pop song 
There are some new songs to learn at
  There are some great dance moves that go with each song!
Maths for w/c 8.6.20

For maths this week you can watch the videos which you can find in the alternative plan and have a go at finding totals, finding the difference, finding change and two step problems.

White rose maths resources for w/c 1.6.20

Here are the worksheets that go with the videos for this week

We enjoyed speaking to so many of you last week and catching up on what you've been up to.  It was good to hear that you are doing ok and managing to stay positive in these difficult times. As we said on the phone it's important for you to find what works best for your family in terms of getting school work done.   Well done for all the work you have been trying to do, keep up the good work and don't hesitate to get in touch if you need any help or more information.  
White rose maths resources for w/c 18.05.20

Here are this week's maths sheets if you are using the white rose maths resources

Florence Nightingale

This week on Tuesday 12th May is the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birthday.  So as we are thinking a lot about the important job nurses do you might like to find out a bit more about Florence.  There are a couple of powerpoints that might get you started. There is a also a word search which you could just look at on the screen if you are unable to print it out. There is also a reading comprehension and an activity which can be written out in your exercise books about how Florence Nightingale improved hospitals.

Spellings for year 2 summer term  are in the main section of the website.  It's not always easy practising spellings - one of these games might help.

Update: Learning from Home

Which resources should I use?

Since the start of this journey many more resources have become available to schools and parents to support the ‘learning from home’ process, including the latest resources announced by the government on Sunday.

We have steered away from the term ‘home education’ as that is and should be a choice- this current situation is not a choice, just a necessary situation.

So what resources are the right ones?

Whichever resources interest and stimulate your child the most!

If you have already found a path that works with your child, well done, do not feel you have to change from it. It doesn’t matter what you are doing- if you are doing some work in any format than that’s brilliant. The main thing is to keep exercising their brains in some way- ideally both in English and Mathematics.

However, if you still haven’t found a winning formula then maybe try some of the following:

Suggested Daily Lessons

Maths: Use the ‘White Rose Maths Hub’. Save this address in the bookmarks for ease, daily lessons are usually loaded on the webpage one week in advance. This is the same scheme/overview we follow in school, their resources are very good and they have supported the BBC Bitesize resources.

There are some work sheets here, however you can view most of them on the screen and complete the work in your books if you do not have a printer.


Literacy: Both the BBC Bitesize Resources and the Oak National Academy resources may be used for your child. I suggest you choose which one to try first by asking yourself the following question:

How has my child responded to the work I have asked them to do so far?

If your child has been reluctant, or struggling to work at home for whatever reason then I would suggest you go to the BBC Bitesize site for English. There are a series of child friendly videos with attached tasks which would suit most pupils.


We hope your child is doing lots of reading! If you would like to look at some new books create a Log in for Oxford Owl- it's free and you get access to different e-books and comprehension activities.


If your answer is more in line with- ‘my child has loved every bit of work and wants more!’

The Oak National Academy work may be more suitable. I feel it is slightly more challenging and due to the lay out and set up feels more formal and requires greater concentration.


BBC iplayer (including red button 9am onwards) - Primary Bitesize

On top of those options detailed above, there are also BBC programmes on I-player which are different to the bbc resources on the bitesize website. They are mostly 20 minute programmes for 5-7, 7-9, 9-11 year olds of which the first episode spent about 5 minutes on a maths concept, 5 minutes on a story time, 5 minutes on history, with some quizzes thrown in.

These might appeal to you if you have limited internet devices, or a super reluctant learner!

Physical Education-

There are many options for exercising from home, with many people doing daily exercise with Joe Wicks or Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube. However, any exercise that can be done at home- or safely in the neighbourhood is great. A walk, run, ride a bike, skipping. Aim to get some outdoor time each day.

Other regular activities:

Daily Reading and practise of key maths skills like basic addition and subtraction (most board games) the timestables (can use TTRS) are invaluable. There are also some prayer ideas on our website.

Mrs Shakespeare who teaches KS2 Music in school has starting making videos to help with online learning. Here is the link to her lessons for KS1;

We know some of you love singing and so if you fancy learning a new pop song everyday to cheer yourself up try  There are some great dance moves that go with it!



Summer 1

Hello! We are really enjoying seeing the fantastic KSS challenge entires coming in from our Year 2's! Keep them coming.   
We will continue uploading work for you to have a go at at home. Our topic this half term is 'On the farm' so we will be sharing some farm related activities. Whilst we hope that you are managing to continue with some learning at home, please remember that we don't expect you to complete all the work that is on the website, this provision is to help ensure stabilty and emotional well being of our children by offering some structure and routine. The activities that we share should provide children with the opportunity to maintain a learning ethos and are not soley about progress and attainment. Do what works for you and your family, and most importantly try to keep smiling! 

PS Who has learnt how to tie their shoe laces??

Summer 1 Literacy

Here you will find some SPAG (Spelling, punctuation and grammar) mats which follow on from work we were doing in school. There are 3 levels, with level 3 being the most challenging. Have a look at them and decide which you are most comfortable doing. You will also find reading comprehension which again there are different levels for you to look at and decide which to do. Can you have a go at a setting description. What might our 'Steps for success' be? If you don't have a printer don't worry - just write out what you can manage in your books. A reminder about the Oxford Owls website where you can log on and create an account for free. There you will find colour banded books which your child can read online. Scroll down this page to find the link to the website. We have included a reading and writing plan using a book on the Oxford Owl website. (Link is on the plan) It includes some suggested reading with writing activities to run along side it.

Summer 1 Maths

The first two lessons below follow on from the fraction work we were doing in class. This then moves onto some measurement work looking at length and then problem solving. Lessons 9 - 12 cover Fact families, comparing number sentences and addition and subtraction.

RE and art competition

Some of you have some great questions and ideas about God and so you might like to enter an RE and art competition? You could win £25! Have a look and see if you can come up with some good ideas!

There are video clips to accompany the maths lessons, please watch these before completing the work. They can be found here:

On the farm

Here are some topic activities for 'On the farm' As previously mentioned, work can be written/drawn in your book so don't worry if you don't have a printer. 1) Plants and what they need to survive. 2) Animal guessing game - Could you follow this on by choosing your own farm animal and writing some clues for someone in your family to guess what it is? 3) Animal research sheet - Choose a farm animal and find out some facts about it. Create a fact sheet/leaflet/poster about your animal. 4) Mindfullness colouring 5) Some farm pictures to provide a stimulus for descriptive writing

A weekly learning sheet

Please find attached a document that has been created by a large Multi Academy Trust who has been happy to share their resources. You may dip into and out of this as you wish.

BBC bitesize lessons BBC have added this resource - there is a different lesson for each day and you can dip in and out!

Welcome to year 2 online zone!

Hello year 2!  We are missing you but hope you are staying safe at home!  Have you been enjoying the sunshine?  I've been enjoying walking my dog.  We hope too you've been enjoying your time and maybe trying out new things.  Have you tried Joe Wicks' workout yet?

It would be great if you could try to do some work everyday, following the guidelines below.  Well done to those of you who have been going on TTR, I've been checking in on your progress, it's good to see some of you going up the levels!  Log in here

You were doing really well with your mental maths so please can you keep that up and do an activity from everyday.  I've also put a link to  some new maths lessons for this week - see below.  There will be new maths lessons each week.

Any work you do complete, do in the homework book or exercise book .  We'll look forward to seeing it when we get back to school together.  

Challenge for this week - how about learning to tie your shoe laces :) 

Daily- try to complete one or two of the following:

One Maths lesson from the maths activities

One reading activity/ reading school book

Writing task 

A fun practical task

Three times a week

Reading a book

Year 2 spelling practice

Times table practice

Year 2 fun practical activities
Writing Tasks
Twinkl ideas

Here are some powerpoints which can help practise key skills

Some challenges!

Try these challenges and see how many you can tick off!

This school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of
all children, and expects our staff and volunteers to share this commitment.