Kirkstall St. Stephen’s C of E (Voluntary Aided) Primary School

Collective Worship

This half-term for collective worship we are using the booklet #Live Lent:Care for God's creation.  For the period of Lent we are thinking about ways we can honour and treasure the earth.
Week 1: Light and Energy
Prayer for the week: Thank you God, for the light and energy that we use every day. May all countries act swiftly to reduce energy use and combat climate change.  Help us to make small differences where we can. Amen

Ideas - turn off lights when you leave a room, enjoy the light by walking or cycling instead of driving, read a webpage for a charity like Christian Aid - how do they help to bring light into dark situations?

Week 2: Water
Prayer for the week: Creator God, we thank you for water to drink, cook, wash and clean and play with.  We pray that everyone may learn to use water more wisely and share it fairly. Amen

Ideas- check your cupboards - could you swap a product for others with fewer chemicals? Find about the charity Toilet twinning.Try and save water when you can.  Find out about virtual water - how much water does it take a pair of jeans? Look after local rivers and canals - don't throw litter in them.  Pray for people who are facing dramatic climate change, like flooding.

Week 3:Land and plants
Prayer for the week: Loving Father, we praise you for the beauty and plenty of nature.  Help us to do all we can to protect plants and trees and to tread more gently on the earth. Amen

Ideas- save paper, use both sides of the page and recycle all you can; find out how trees help the planet.  We're planting some trees at school, find out more...

Week 4:Stars and Seasons
Prayer for the week: Heavenly Father, help us to know your loving presence with us through day and night, and in every season of our lives. Amen

Ideas - Look for signs of spring, plant some seeds, on a clear night spend some time looking at the stars.

Week 5:Creatures of the sea and sky
Prayer for the week: Lord of sea and sky, we bless you for the wonders of creation. May the people of the world act together to ensure the oceans and the air are protected ratehr than pollute. Amen

Ideas - how can you use less plastic, put some food out for the birds, watch a nature documetnary about the wonders of the sea

Week 6 :Humans and othe animals
Prayer for the week: Father, help us to follow your son Jesus in loving and serving other people, and in caring for the animals and the earth you have entrusted to us. Amen

Ideas - count how many animals you see this week, care for your pet, can you remember any bible stories with animals?

Open the Book

Some of the members of our lovely open the book team who come and tell us Bible stories each month

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